Publication of Foresight Final Report
Date: 2007-06-25 14:35:50
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The Foresight Final report is now available for download .

The Foresight report presents a detailed account of the results of the discussions and analysis conducted in the frame of the exercise. The report was formally discussed and approved by the Board of Administrators and the Scientific Council of the FNR and was presented to the Minister and the State Secretary of Culture, Higher Education, and Research on the 18th of June 2007.

Next steps:

The report will be presented in a publicly held conference in November.

The intentions of the Ministry of Culture, Higher Education, and Research is to use the FNR advice as a basis for its decisions on the funding for the future research directions and the governance of the research centres (through performance contracts etc). The Ministry will accompany the decision making process with consultation of various other Ministries.

The report is structured as shown in the following table:



Executive Summary

Summarises the process and the main findings


Presents the context, scope and rational of the Foresight exercise

Presentation of Process

Describes the outline of the process

Role of Science

Portrays the current view in the literature on the role of the various aspects of research and science in society and the innovation process

Challenges Stakeholder meeting

Presents the main challenges facing Luxembourg in the next decade which can in part be addressed by public research

General SWOT

Presents the general strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of public research in Luxembourg as seen by the stakeholders of public research

National Research Priorities

Describes National Research Priority candidates, including relevant research issues for Luxembourg and specific topics concerning the implementation of the domains in Luxembourg

Assessment of National Research Priorities

Presents the assessment of the National Research Priorities along a set of specific criteria, preparing the ground for the national priority setting by the government and the further prioritization of these research domains.


Summarises the findings of the FNR Foresight exercise


- Annex 1 presents general definitions of the research domains

- Annex 2 describes specific Technology Platforms required for the implementation of some research priorities and the building of an attractive research environment

- Annex 3 describes the Priorities in short form (“Fiches”)

- Annex 4 presents international trends in R&D

- Annex 5 lists the participants involved in the FNR Foresight.

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