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Managing the Implementation of the Foresight Results

Implementation The concluding phase of the Foresight Exercise prepared the ground for an objective, sound and transparent national priority setting by the government. The research domains were assessed along a set of criteria, taking into account their scientific potential, their feasibility, their potential to meet socio-economic and ecological interests as well as their public acceptance. The FNR considers all priorities to be of equal importance for Luxembourg.

While the Foresight Exercise provides general directions, fine-tuning will still need to be done and domains to be revisited regularly in order to ensure alignment with unforeseen societal trends and the dynamics of research. The Foresight process as such is now completed, but implementation has to be accompanied and recourse to expert advice will again be necessary in the future.

There is also a clear need for the continuation of the process started by this Foresight Exercise in view of preparing the decisions that have to be made in order to implement research in the coming years. Increasing spending on R&D will not, on its own, deliver optimal outcomes. Implementing the results of the FNR Foresight, as well as improving the Luxembourg research system calls for R&D policy to address the following issues: How can Luxembourg make the best use of the significant increases in funding for research? What is the best way to build capacity in the priority domains? How can Luxembourg improve the attractiveness of its research environment and become a magnet for excellent researchers? How can the legal framework for research be upgraded? How can interdisciplinary research be stimulated? How can the collaboration between public and private research be fostered? What are the opportunities that arise with the University of Luxembourg and the City of Science? How can the links between Luxembourg and the international research context be increased? How can the right balance be achieved between critical mass in specific domains and new emerging opportunities that lie outside of the research priorities?

In the long term, Luxembourg can achieve a highly competitive status in specific domains and become what the English call a "bijou" in research. With its young but very dynamic research context and its rapidly expanding infrastructure, Luxembourg has already started to attract high level experts. Following the present dynamics, Luxembourg can develop within the next decade from a well known financial place to an equally well known place for excellent research with a favourable societal and regulatory environment and short ways from the lab to the market. The FNR, the Ministry of Culture, Higher Education, and Research and the Luxembourg research community have shown their commitment, starting points and possible pathways have been identified in the Foresight Exercise. Despite its small size, the Grand Duchy has the potential to become a powerhouse of research and innovation.

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Published on: 2007-10-24 (12571 reads)

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