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Biomedical sciences

Biomedical sciencesBiomedical sciences are of utmost importance for individual and public health issues and for improving quality of life. Research can help providing answers to the health challenges Luxembourg will be facing in the future - e.g. structural problems of the health care system, expected increase of the health costs related to population ageing, etc. Ensuring the efficiency and quality of the health care system is one important issue. Improving health care delivery and maintaining quality of life, especially in old age, is another. Here, progress is needed on two fronts: first, medical research should be fostered in order to improve treatments for already diagnosed diseases. Building expertise in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering in Luxembourg holds the promise of developing therapies for age-related diseases. Second, healthy behaviours should be promoted and health risks - related to lifestyle, but also environmental factors - should be reduced to prevent diseases.

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Published on: 2007-10-19 (12406 reads)

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